Who are we?

Since 1981, Steve Bird has been busy painting signs.
School had seen him making pop band t-shirts and selling them to teachers, so his love for lettering began early.
This lead to a conscious decision to “keep things free-hand” and motivation for creating ‘one-off’s’ to retail and commercial businesses for over three decades since.
Back in the ’80s, computers were new and Steve noted how their impact would be significant to the sign trade. However, he also believed there was a place for his skills.

In his home town, there is still one of his earliest works.  Written on a wall “Gail’s” has stood the test of time.

Since those beginnings, Steve has written many walls
all over the UK. All free-hand, using little more than paint and brush.

Stevebirdsigns have since worked for some big names in the industry. Ford were early users of our window signwriting service, making use of their showroom’s, but more recently all major pub groups throughout the UK have enjoyed our chalkboard writing.

Handwriting chalkboards has become our biggest thing! Next time you see one in a pub there is a good chance it’s one of our own. We were even asked by a production company to write boards for a TV programme depicting the life of our local hero Lenny Henry!

We have since invested in those computers, simply because there certainly is a place for sticky letters. While we still paint signage where applicable (i.e. only fools & horses three-wheelers just wouldn’t be right in sticky letters) most commercial vans need to be back out on the road as fast as possible, with the added benefit for removing vinyl in an ever-changing world.

But our free-hand work is what we are really about.

A great example is the typical coffee shop, menu board.
Price changes are so often a problem, but we have the solution. A quick black-out and a new price can be applied. As with the fast-paced Butchery trade, price fluctuation can be a real problem for those printing companies, who need proofs to be passed and designs to be agreed.
Not so with Steve Bird. We even have an instant service we call “Posterman”.

Black-country markets, Butchers, bakers and many other retailers are familiar with our Posterman van. They simply phone us for a visit, we arrive, pretty darned quick and write their posters in the back of the van! Yup, we have everything set up to provide posters right there, instantly!

This has extended to a popular request from market stallholders, who often need a sign or two for their stalls. These too can be provided on the day.

We don’t shy away from that computer-driven stuff. It makes sense to buy a lovely high gloss plastic board, rather than paint a wooden sheet, so we know what’s best for the job.

So give us some thought, next time you are thinking about signage. Especially if you need something unique. Standing out in the crowd get’s more difficult these days, so remember keeping it free-hand may well be the way to go! 

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